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Painting and calligraphy exhibition of Zhang Zhizhong held in Suzhou

Date:2018-09-07 12:19:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily


  On September 5, the “Ink Marks” Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition of Zhang Zhizhong opened at Binlong Art Museum (No. 212, Guanqian Street). The exhibition is free and will last until September 18.

  Zhang Zhizhong, who styles himself as “Zhangcun”, learned calligraphy from Mr. Zhang Xinjia, and then took Mr. Wu Pumu as his teacher of landscape painting. He is now a member of Jiangsu Artists Association, a member of Suzhou Calligraphers Association, vice secretary-general of Suzhou Calligraphy and Painting Research Association and vice-president of Dongwu Painting Academy.

  Zhang is the author of Chronology of Zhang Xinjia’s Life, Chronology of Wu Pumu’s Life and Dictionary of Ancient Chinese Painters (the Ming Dynasty volume). His paintings are included in Zhang Zhizhong Painting Album, Selected Landscape Paintings of Zhang Zhizhong and Chinese Art: Zhang Zhizhong’s Paintings.

  The exhibition is sponsored by Binlong Art Museum and co-organized by China Southern Society Culture and History Museum, Suzhou Dongwu Painting Academy and Suzhou Xu Beihong Art Museum.

  Zhang Zhizhong seeks inspiration from the nature and his works, which have a magnificent and dignified style and are characterized by bold and powerful strokes, have been selected for many national and provincial art exhibitions and have received numerous awards.

  There are 60 Zhang’s works of art on display, including 5 calligraphic works and 55 paintings, most of which are landscape paintings.