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11th “Top Ten” Young Singer Competition in Kunshan wrapped up

Date:2018-09-06 15:03:00Source:Suzhou Daily

  The Eleventh “Top Ten” Young Singer Competition in Kunshan closed a few days ago. After intense competition, contestants who won gold, silver and bronze medals as well as prizes like Top 10 Singers, 10 Excellent Singers, Future Shock Award and Award for Best Style were selected and awarded.

  After more than two months of auditions, preliminaries, quarter finals and semi final, 10 excellent singers from nearly 1,000 competitors advanced to the final, bringing a riveting show to the audience. The finalists, whether they were professional singers or amateur music enthusiasts, impressed the judges and the audience with their fantastic performances.

  The “Top Ten” Young Singer Competition in Kunshan is a well-known mass cultural activity which enjoys great popularity. Up to now, more than 100 outstanding young singers have been discovered and half of them have become active participants in Kunshan’s mass cultural activities. Some of the singers have won gold and silver medals in the provincial and municipal competitions and some have sung on the stage of CCTV. They have played an important role in promoting cultural prosperity, cultivating artistic talents and improving citizens’ humanistic quality in Kunshan.

  This year’s competition was sponsored by the Publicity Department of Kunshan Municipal Party Committee, Kunshan Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Press and Publications, and Kunshan Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and was organized by Kunshan Culture Center, Kunshan Mass Culture Association and Kunshan Musicians’ Association. It was aimed at enriching the spiritual and cultural life of young people and providing a platform for singing enthusiasts to display their talent.