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Poetic water town depicted by a fanatic Suzhou painter

Date:2018-08-09 10:56:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily


  On the afternoon of August 11th, the exhibition of “Poetic Water Town and A Fanatic Suzhou Painter- Landscape Paintings by Shao Wenjun” will open at the Public Cultural Center of Wuzhong District. The exhibition will lead Suzhou audience into the poetic scenes of white walls, black tiles and green willows above water.

  Shao Wenjun is called a “fanatic Suzhou painter”. He was born in Suzhou in 1942 and was admitted to Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute in 1960. In the early 1970s he began to study under Wu Pumu, a master of Wu School and became Wu’s first student. In 1992, he received the State Council cultural and artistic expert special allowance. He is now the director board member of the Traditional Chinese Painter Association, the vice president of Suzhou Calligraphy and Painting Collectors Association, the honorary adviser of Wuzhong District Artists Association and the Master of Arts and Crafts of Jiangsu province.

  With profound knowledge of traditional Chinese landscape painting and well known for painting landscape as well as water towns, Shao Wenjun is an inheritor and representative painter of Wu School’s traditional landscape painting in. In 2003, the embroidered edition of Shao’s painting Suzhou Houses was included in the collection at the headquarters of the United Nations World Heritage Association. The large-scale collection of Shao Wenjun’s paintings, which was published by People's Fine Arts Publishing House was compiled into the Catalogue of Chinese Artists many times. His masterpieces, Hanshan Temple and Suzhou Houses are included in the collection by the China Gallery in San Francisco, USA.

  It is learned that the exhibition will be sponsored by Wuzhong District Literature Art Association and organized by Wuzhong District Artists Association, and will last until August 21st.