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Accelerating the planning of the Grand Canal cultural scenic belt

Date:2018-08-08 14:59:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily


  It was learned a few days ago from Xushuguan Economic Development Zone working conference for the first half of 2018 that achievements have been made in social and economic work in the zone, that increasing efforts are being made for a batch of livelihood-related projects, and that the construction of Grand Canal Cultural Town has been started.

  In the first half of 2018, the construction of Suzhou Tram Line 2, the reconstruction of No.1 block of the old town and the relocation of residential areas along Huliu Road were completed in Xushuguan Economic Development Zone. Major roads including Xutong Road, Nanjin Road, and Wenchang Road (northern section) are now ready for construction. The project of major transportation infrastructures including Xutong Bridge and Changxu Bridge has been started, and the eastern section of Xingxian Road is under reconstruction so that citizens will enjoy more convenient transportation.

  Meanwhile, various measures are taken to promote people’s wellbeing. With 2.9 billion-yuan investment in total, the construction of 11 categories of livelihood-related projects pick up the pace. The renovation of four residential areas including Yangshan Huayuan have started, and the renovation has been completed of No. 48 building, which occupies 180,000 square meters in total in the demonstration area of Yangshan Huayuan Residential Area. Happy Living Center of Xushu Home has been put into use and the main part of the cultural and sports center of the zone has been completed. What’s more, the reconstruction of the farm produce market in No. 5 Community of Yangshan Huayuan Residential Area has been started, a community healthcare service center is relocated, and Suzhou Foreign Language School Affiliated Yangshan International Kindergarten will open in September this year.

  In the future, Xushuguan Economic Development Zone will take advantage of Wenchang Road Station, a transportation hub in Suzhou Rail Transit Line 3 and accelerate the construction of the technology innovation city along the Grand Canal, providing a 400,000-square-meter carrier for technological innovations and apartment for high-end talents. The area west of Jianlin Road will be reconstructed and leading enterprises in the field of medical equipment, intelligent manufacturing and 3D printing industry will be introduced and developed. The planning of Yangshan Top Universities and Institutes base occupying 181.21 acres south of Taihu Avenue will be accelerated, making it an aggregated area for top universities and institutes, international schools, commercial facilities and apartment for high-end talents.

  The aggregated area of industry such as Yangshan Science and Technology Industrial Park will be reconstructed and upgraded. Efforts will be made for some projects to be based earlier in the zone and for the high-end development of industry. These include3D metal printing innovation center of state-owned enterprises, the innovation research institute of Beijing Institute of Technology, Chengdu Institute of Optics and Electronics of Chinese Academy of Science and Space-based Tracking Telemetry and Command.

  At the same time, the Grand Canal Culture Town, with the theme of “water culture” and a style that mixes ancient charm and modern grace is under construction. Along with the construction of the town, the planning of the 8-kilometer Grand Canal Cultural Scenic Belt is also accelerated so that the construction of the cultural belt can start this year.

  In addition, a high-end painting and calligraphy art center will open in the zone, which functions as an attraction of painting, calligraphy and academic learning in Suzhou or even nationwide.