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Cultural exchanges enhanced between Changshu and Yongxin

Date:2018-08-06 14:02:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily


  Recently, the exhibition “Remain true to our original aspiration- Changshu-Yongxin Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition” opened in Yongxin Cultural Center. The exhibition was co-sponsored by the Publicity Department of Changshu Municipal Party Committee and the Publicity Department of Yongxin County Party Committee, Jiangxi Province. The exhibition was intended to enhance regional cultural exchanges, promote the development of traditional Chinese calligraphy and boost cultural prosperity.

  On exhibition were nearly 50 pieces of works by members of the Council of Changshu Calligraphers Association. There were various styles of the calligraphy works including Regular Script, Cursive Script, Clerical Script, Seal Script and Semi-cursive Scrip, representing the overall level of Changshu calligraphers.