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Embroidery art exhibition of Wang Zushi and her apprentices

Date:2018-08-06 09:46:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily


  Yesterday afternoon, “Fen Fang Tao Li Embroidery Art Exhibition of Master Wang Zushi and Her Apprentices” opened in Suzhou Silk Museum. On exhibition were more than 50 pieces of exquisite Su embroidery works created by Wang Zushi, an 85-year-old DPP member and Chinese embroidery art master, as well as by over 10 of her apprentices. The works display the delicacy and profoundness of Su embroidery.

  Wang Zushi studied under Zhu Feng, student of Lv Fengzi and Yang Shouyu. She masters various schools of Su embroidery skills and stitches. Among various kinds of subjects of Su embroidery, she is most adept at very complicated portraits. Up to now, Wang has achieved honorary titles of “The First Chinese Embroidery Art Master”, “The Provincial Representative Inheritor of Su Embroidery Art - a National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project”, and “The Master of Arts and Crafts of Jiangsu Province”.

  While creating new Su embroidery works, Wang is devoted to cultivating and supporting young talents. She has apprentices across the country. This exhibition is launched by more than 10 apprentices of Wang and is sponsored by Jiangsu Folk Literature and Art Association and Suzhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles. The exhibition not only demonstrates Wang’s achievements in Su embroidery, but also shows the history of the inheritance of Su embroidery art through generations. The exhibition will continue until September 15th.