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Suzhou athletes won another men’s championship and women’s runner-up

Date:2018-08-02 14:55:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily



  Yesterday, Youth Handball Group B’s Competition at the 19th Sports Meeting of Jiangsu Province concluded in the gymnasium of Changzhou Institute of Technology. After group A’s competition, Suzhou athletes won another men’s championship and women’s runner-up.

  Handball is one of the traditional advantageous items of amateur training in Suzhou. As a provincial team under municipal management, Jiangsu men’s handball team is based in Suzhou and has won the Triple Crown in the National Games. At the 19th Sports Meeting of Jiangsu Province, handball group A’s competition concluded on July 18th. Suzhou Sports School sent a team to participate in the competition and finally won men’s champion and women’s runner-up. In group B’s competition, Suzhou athletes once again advanced directly to semi-finals, in which the rivals of the men’s and women’s teams were all from Nanjing. Before the competition, Suzhou athletes had made full preparations. They fully implemented the coach’s technical and tactical arrangement, finished a double play and advanced to the final.

  Women’s handball group B’s final was between Suzhou team and Changzhou team. With strong overall strength, Changzhou women’s team switched quickly between attack and defense. After 40 minutes’ hard fighting, Suzhou team won runner-up. The subsequent men’s final was between Suzhou team and Xuzhou team, in which Suzhou team dominated the whole competition, effectively suppressed Xuzhou team and firmly controlled the pace of the competition. Finally it posted a 28-14 victory over Xuzhou team. In this provincial sports games, Suzhou athletes won two gold medals and two silver medals in handball sports, which further consolidates Suzhou’s leading position of amateur and professional handball training in the province.