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Community fire safety knowledge publicity and education promotes firefighting skills of participants

Date:2018-08-02 14:53:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily



  To ensure the fire prevention and control work in summer is carried out well, Taicang Public Security Fire Brigade served Yulong community residents and property management personnel through fire safety training and fire drills.

  During the activity, the docents of the fire brigade first trained the participants on fire safety knowledge. They talked about the occurrence, development and extinguishment of fire, shared realistic and practical fire safety tips and imparted to the participants in an understandable way the basic knowledge of fire prevention and the fighting of initial fire. After the training, they organized all the participants to carry out oil basin firefighting drills and explained how to use portable dry powder fire extinguishers. By carefully carrying out the drills, the participants learned to use fire extinguishers and improved the ability to fight initial fire.

  Through this activity, people’s awareness of fire safety is enhanced; their firefighting skills are promoted, and a good atmosphere for universal participation in firefighting is created.