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Yao Ming came to the Youth Basketball Match in Suzhou

Date:2018-08-01 16:09:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily



  The final game of NYBO · China Life Insurance Youth Basketball Match was held yesterday in the Gymnasium of SND Cultural and Sports Center, which is home court of the CBA team, Jiangsu Kentier Men’s basketball team. Nearly a thousand young players stood out in the competition of over ten thousand kids from 21 competition areas across the country. They will fight for the championship in Suzhou. Yao Ming, president of China Basketball Association and chairman of the CBA Company, attended the opening ceremony.

  The first NYBO annual final game, with the theme of “witness the growth”, will last 4 days. It is the highest-level game for the young NYBO players. In the final game, the players are divided by age and gender as usual. Among all the players who are aged from 4 to 18, every 2 years of age is an age group, and those over 14 are divided into men’s and women’s groups. The games of each group consist of group match and knockout round, and the annual champion of each group will come out on August 1st.

  It is learned that NYBO is a weekend basketball match platform for youth aged from 4 to 18. It lasts for the whole year. China Basketball Association launched the Small Basketball Development Program in 2017 in the hope that more children can play basketball with “the threshold of basketball sport lowered” through smaller court, shorter basketball stand, smaller basketball and simpler rules.

  Besides, the Forum of Small Basketball is also initiated during the final game. Experts of different fields are invited to give advice about the development of NYBO match from the perspectives of competition rules and schedule planning, etc.