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Overseas Chinese Youths learn Chinese, practice Calligraphy & experience Kunqu Opera and Suzhou Pingtan

Date:2018-08-01 16:06:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily


  Yesterday morning, the opening ceremony of the 2018 Suzhou summer camp of “The Journey of Seeking Root in China” attended by overseas Chinese youths was held at Overseas Chinese Academy Suzhou in Suzhou Industrial park. Jin Jie, vice-mayor of Suzhou, was present at the ceremony and made a welcome speech to the overseas Chinese youths from all around the world.

  The summer (winter) camp of “The Journey of Seeking Root in China” for overseas Chinese youths is one of the key brand activities about Overseas Chinese Education organized by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Of The State Council. In recent years, by making the most of its platform, considering Suzhou characteristics and focusing on the themes of various activities, Suzhou Overseas Chinese Affairs Office has invited more than 1100 overseas Chinese youths from over twenty counties and regions to Suzhou for study and exchange.

  There are altogether 90 overseas Chinese youths and teachers who come from Hong Kong, Macao, and seven other countries including America, Canada, Germany, Sweden, the Philippines, Indonesia and South Korea. During the 12-day summer camp, they will learn the canal culture through field trips and visit Suzhou Museum, the Humble Administrator’s Garden, and Suzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum, etc. Besides, they will attend classes about traditional Chinese culture such as the Chinese language, Chinese martial arts and calligraphy. They will also participate in activities to appreciate Kunqu Opera, Suzhou Pingtan and fan painting as well as carry out interactions with the teachers and students of Overseas Chinese Academy Suzhou.