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A round fan brings a cool summer day

Date:2018-07-31 10:00:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily



  The Intangible Cultural Heritage Handwork Classes launched by Subao Newspaper Group continued in the sales office of Guo Rui Xi Shu Estate yesterday. Last time the children had fun making Huzhou ink brush by hand. This time in class, another terrific cultural banquet was offered. Master Yan, a round fan maker, taught the children how to draw on the fans, which brought a touch of coolness in the steaming hot summer.

  The history of round fans can be traced back to China’s Song Dynasty (960-1279). The principal materials are bamboo, wood, animal teeth, horns, iron wire and silk. Most of the fan coverings are made of silk, on which there are traditional Chinese paintings of landscapes, figures, flowers and birds. Some are inscribed with poetic lines by famous people in Chinese history. These make the fans classical in design and bright in color.

  The fan-making class yesterday began with Yan’s recount of the history of fans. To help the children have a better understanding of round fans, Yan took out the coverings of the fans she once painted to set an example for the children to copy. She taught the children how to design and colorize the fans and how to copy a painting on the silk coverings. In a short while, the round fans became vivid with the colorful coverings.

  “Making round fans is one way of publicizing Suzhou culture. I hope more people will join us in inheriting intangible cultural heritage”, said Yan.

  In the three Intangible Cultural Heritage Handwork Classes organized by Subao Newspaper Group, the children got to know how ancient and modern Chinese culture intermingle from log patchwork; the children also appreciated the wisdom of ancient Chinese from Huzhou ink brush making and round fan making. The Classes launched by Subao Newspaper Group unfolded the intangible cultural heritage before the children’s eyes and enriched their life in summer vacation. Through the demonstrated works of intangible cultural heritage, and in the process of handcraft making, the children had a personal experience of the charm of intangible cultural heritage of Suzhou.