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Students of Soochow University won prizes at international choir festival

Date:2018-07-31 10:10:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily


  Recently, Xingkong Choir from School of Music, Soochow University attended the 7th Florence International Choir Festival held in Italy and competed with many high-level choirs from countries and regions including China, Iceland, Scotland, Ukraine and Latvia. After a fierce competition, Xingkong Choir won the Second Prize of Youth Group and the prize of The Best Performance of a Piece by An Italian Author.

  On the afternoon of 18 July, at the opening ceremony of the choir festival held in the renowned Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, Xingkong Choir performed Veni Domine, a famous piece composed by German composer Mendelssohn and received warm applauses from the audience and other choirs. In the choir contest the next day, Xingkong Choir performed in Apollonia Auditorium six choir songs in Chinese and other languages, including Veni Domine, My Heart Sings, Go Where I Send Thee!, Astonishing, Nella Fantasia and Missing You in 365 Days. In the evening, invited by the organizing committee, Xingkong Choir, together with other choirs from across the world presented a wonderful performance to Florentine citizens in San Lorenzo Cathedral. The audience were captured by the wonderful singing, the passionate performances and the tacit cooperation between the choir members. Warm applauses filled the whole music hall.

  Later at the award ceremony, where the contest results were announced, Xingkong Choir, at the request of Federico Bardazzi, the chairman of the 7th Florence International Choir Festival, performed once more Nella Fantasia, for which they won The Best Performance of a Piece by An Italian Author, the only one at this choir festival.