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“Win-in-Suzhou” Venture Contest for International Entrepreneurs Final kicked off

Date:2018-07-10 09:15:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily


  The 2018 “Win-in-Suzhou” Venture Contest for International Entrepreneurs held its final on July 8. There were 588 projects participating in the contest, but only 10 made it through to the final, which is followed by the 10th Venture Week for International Elites in Suzhou. Deputy Mayor Cao Houling attended the event.

  This year’s participants were mainly the winners in the 1000 Plan Startup Contest and some overseas venture contests. Combined with the TV program “Chuangying Weilai” (“The Start-up”), the final competition set up a platform for innovative and entrepreneurial talents to communicate with investors and provided professional supporting services for them to settle in Suzhou.

  Bio-pharmaceuticals, artificial intelligence and environmental protection were hot areas of focus in the final competition. Yang Tao, a well-paid researcher at a university in Portugal, has always wanted to return to China to start his own business. His project of “High energy density all-solid-state battery”, a new type of ceramic battery, entered the final after passing the overseas screening, domestic review and expert review.

  After half a day of intense competition, four projects won the Honorable Mention, i.e., Han Ruyang’s “Environmentally friendly microbial fertilizer”, Jiang Hong’s “Decision-making help services for the world’s best cancer treatment”, Li Weida’s “A blessing to diabetics”, and Jiang Di’s “Fingerprint identification in full screen era”. The first, second and third prizes of the venture contest will be announced and awarded at the opening ceremony of the 2018 (10th) Venture Week for International Elites in Suzhou to be held on July 10. And the champion will be directly selected as the leading talent of innovation and entrepreneurship in Suzhou.

  Suzhou boasts a total of over 2.6 million professionals, 222,900 of them being high-level talents. It has 250 experts under the National Thousand Talents Plan (131 of them being entrepreneurs), ranking the first among all the large and medium-sized cities in China. And it has 782 professionals listed in the Recruitment Program of Talents in Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Jiangsu Province, having ranked the first in Jiangsu for 11 consecutive years.