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Dancing awards ceremony held in Kunshan

Date:2018-07-09 12:22:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily


  The 6th Social Dance Competition & 8th Children’s Dance Competition of Jiangsu Province held its awarding ceremony in Kunshan Poly Theatre on the evening of July 4, at which the prizes for performance and creation were announced and awarded.

  “Wood Carving”, “Dream” and other 6 dances won First Prize for Creation of social group; “The Deliveryman”, “Ode to Red Flag” and other 6 dances won First Prize for Performance. “Doing Embroidery”, “Fishermen’s Children” and other 3 dances won First Prize for Creation of children’s group; “Jingwei Fills up the Sea”, “Little Red Army Soldiers in the Marshy Grasslands” and other 3 dances won First Prize for Performance. And 9 units including Suzhou Dancers Association were awarded the Prize for Best Organization.

  Ten outstanding teams were invited to give performances at the awarding ceremony. “Wood Carving”, created by Gusu District Panmen Sub-district (Canglang Sub-district) Office and Gusu District Culture Center, told the life story of an old woodcut artist, showing the development of Suzhou Taohuawu’s New Year woodblock paintings and ordinary people’s efforts in protecting and inheriting the traditional culture. The dance “Yangzhou Baozi” performed by Yangzhou Children’s Ballet was a visual feast presenting the artistic characteristics of delicious Yangzhou baozi (steamed bun). The group dance “Little Red Army Soldiers in the Marshy Grasslands” of Kunshan Bailu Experimental Primary School depicted the story of some children growing up gradually to firm and brave Red Army soldiers in the Anti-Japanese War.

  After the first and second rounds of the preliminary selects, 58 dances of children’s group and 51 of social group advanced to the finals. On July 2 to 3, nearly 2,300 dancers of 107 teams from 13 cities across the province gathered in Kunshan for the final competition.

  Different from the previous competitions, this year’s dance event was broadcast online and organized an online voting, so that dance lovers could not only watch the dance battle the first time but also vote for their favorite performances. The competition received extensive attention and, as of 7 p.m. on July 4, it attracted 1,215,997 votes, 62,961 WeChat followers, and 1,536,120 visits, and 92,941 views. According to the final online voting results, the organizing committee announced the winners of the awards for best popularity, best production and best style.

  Launched in 2004, the dance competition has been held successfully for 14 years. It has become a most popular and influential dance event in Jiangsu Province thanks to Jiangsu Dancers Association’s efforts in improving its organization. This year’s competition was jointly organized by Jiangsu Dancers Association, Suzhou Literature and Arts Association, and the Publicity Department of Kunshan Municipal Party Committee.