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Zhangjiagang promoting intangible cultural heritage inheritance

Date:2018-06-12 08:51:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily


  The 2018 2nd Zhangjiagang “Our Duanwu Festival” Dragon Boat Race and the 1st Fenghuang Town Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival kicked off on June 10. The dragon boat race attracted 12 teams from around the city of Zhangjiagang which competed on the beautiful Fenghuang Lake (Phoenix Lake), with the teams of Yangshe town and Jingang town winning the first two places.

  At the cultural festival, citizens and tourists indulged in the charm of intangible cultural heritages, enjoying folk songs, tasting gourmet food, watching display panels and appreciating craft shows. Fenghuang town will organize a series of cultural events, which include public classes of intangible cultural heritage inheritors, the “Heyang culture into the campus” activity, the “Who is the king of folk songs” online singing contest, an intangible cultural heritage exhibition & a special show featuring select performances of the Yangtze River Cultural and Art Festival, and an intangible cultural heritage symposium, to promote the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage and to integrate the heritages into the life of local people.

  At present, Fenghuang town boasts 18 intangible cultural heritages such as Heyang folk songs, Heyang Baoyuan (literally, Volumes of Treasure; a genre of Chinese narrative literature intended for performance), the Heyang Temple Fair, Heyang folk custom of “expressing gratitude to Heaven and Earth”, Heyang pyrography and Gaozhuang dried bean curd making techniques. And Heyang folk songs and Heyang Baojuan have been listed as part of the country’s Intangible Cultural Heritage; Heyang folk custom of “expressing gratitude to Heaven and Earth” is one of Suzhou’s intangible cultural heritages. A government official of Fenghuang town said that this cultural festival was held in order to inherit and promote traditional Heyang culture as well as to raise people’s awareness of protecting intangible cultural heritages.