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Happy Cycling in Suzhou

Date:2018-06-12 08:49:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily


  The “Cycling in Suzhou” Charming Ancient City Root-seeking Tour, which is the first event of the “Happy Cycling” activities, kicked off at the Root-seeking Square of Shantang Street on the morning of June 10. Over 200 cyclists took part in the event. And the 3-month Online Cycling Challenge began at the same time.

  As the city’s first theme activity of “Happy Cycling”, the “Cycling in Suzhou” event was sponsored by Suzhou Sports Federation and organized by Shantang Historical and Cultural Area (Huqiu Sub-district) and Suzhou Alley Life Culture and Tourism Development Co., Ltd. The organizing committee designated 5 riding routes with the characteristics of Suzhou traditional culture. All starting from the Root-seeking Square, the routes led to Tiger Hill, the Hanshan Temple, the Panmen Scenery Area, the Twin Pagodas and the Garden of Couple’s Retreat respectively. The participants were divided into 5 teams dressed in parent-child, Cosplay, Minguo-style, British style and international style clothing.

  Later there will be more leisure cycling activities such as the Tour of Jinji Lake, the Tour of Taihu Lake and the Tour of Yangcheng Lake, aimed at building the “Happy Cycling” into a famous cycling fitness brand and exploring some new tourism routes with rich cultural connotations to attract more tourists.