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Suzhou to launch a pilot program to protect children from unsafe products

Date:2018-06-08 10:53:00Edit:中国苏州网责编Source:Suzhou Daily


  On June 5, a lecture on product quality and safety of children’s clothing was given in Suzhou Minzhi Road Kindergarten, which marks the beginning of the education campaign themed with “protecting children from unsafe products” co-organized by Suzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau and Suzhou Education Bureau. In 2018, Suzhou will launch a pilot program in some kindergartens, primary schools and middle schools to collect information of risks faced by children.

  The departments of quality supervision will further publicize knowledge and regulations on safety of children’s products and school supplies in primary and middle schools, communities, and other public places as well as on the network platforms in order to enhance the ability and awareness of children, parents and teachers to choose safe products.

  In recent years, scandals over defective products have rarely been out of the headlines. For example, mobile phone chargers without proper insulation and the improper use of power strips caused electric shocks and even led to fires in student dormitories; the methylbenzene content in some brands of solid glue, correction fluid and other school supplies exceeded the standard, long-term exposure to which was tied to kidney damage of children; the design defects of certain bicycles caused serious injuries to teenage bicyclists…

  The kindergartens, primary schools and middle schools which launched the theme education campaign will be selected as the first batch of pilot units for the information collection program aimed at further preventing accidental injuries caused by unsafe products. Through establishing a liaison mechanism with the schools, the relevant departments can better publicize the ways and methods to deal with the harms caused by defective children’s products and school supplies, helping improve teenagers’ ability to identify and guard against the potential dangers of faulty products. In addition, this pilot program will offer necessary information to the supervision departments to deliver quick responses and resolutions to problems related to defective products.