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Xietang launches “Culture Plus” Art Festival

Date:2018-05-17 13:20:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily


  On May 13, the 2018 Wenhui Xietang: Xietang “Culture Plus” Art Festival was launched in Jintang Community of Xietang Subdistrict, SIP. The art festival, first of its kind in Xietang, is a brand project aimed at promoting socialist core values and transmitting positive energy through art performances popular with local residents.

  The festival, which is held together with the “Home in SIP, Happiness in Life” SIP Square Public Benefit Activities, features a variety of performances including Suzhou Pingtan  (a kind of storytelling and ballad singing in the Suzhou dialect), traditional Chinese operas, nursery rhymes, dancing and crosstalk produced by local grass-root art troupes, art enthusiasts, moral models and young students.

  The performances on the launch ceremony was well received and highly praised by local residents. The Pingtan performance titled “Realizing the Chinese Dream Together”, with music by Zhou Jianying, one of “the most beautiful Suzhou people” in 2017 and lyrics by Lu Yanmei, called upon the residents to contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. And the dance “The Backbone of China” performed by the Xietang Art Troupe impressed the audience with sonorous and forceful dance steps, showing people’s love of the new era.

  This art festival is a key event of promoting construction of spiritual civilization in Xietang Sub-district in 2018. With different themes like Party building, safety in production and low carbon life style and environment protection, the show will be staged at the squares or community stages on a monthly basis. All the performances will be broadcast by Xietang’s radio channel “Voice of Xietang” and its official microblog account and WeChat account.