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The 15th Suzhou Roller Skating Competition kicks off

Date:2018-05-15 09:52:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily



The 15th Suzhou Roller Skating Competition & the 2nd Roller Skating Club Competition kicked off in Suzhou Grand Canal Park on May 13. A total of 34 teams with 455 athletes participated in the speed skating races. And 134 skaters from 18 teams will compete in the following free-style skating contests.

  This competition is sponsored by Suzhou Roller Skating Association and undertaken by Suzhou Grand Canal Park Management Office. The top six in the team total score of the speed skating races were Suzhou Fenghuolun Roller Skating Club, Zhangjiaguang SZ Juxing Roller Skating Club, SIP Xincheng Garden Primary School, Yiren Roller Skating Club, Enlighten Star Sports Center and Suzhou Haoyang Roller Skating Club.

  The popularity of roller skating has soared in Suzhou where a growing number of schools and sports clubs offer skating training. This year’s competition is open to skaters from schools and clubs and its speed skating races have attracted participants from 1 kindergarten, 4 primary schools and 29 clubs. The youngest skater was only 4 years old. The 100m, 300m and 500 time trials were held in one day.

  “A craze for roller skating is sweeping Suzhou, where there are more than 100 big or small roller skating clubs,” said Zhou Liang, director of the Activity Department of Suzhou Roller Skating Association. He affirmed that holding this kind of competitions may help check the performance of the clubs and urge them to offer standardized and professional training, thus improving their training quality. It is advised that children only begin to learn roller skating when they are 4 years old because skaters aged 4 or older can have ankles strong enough for this sport and can understand the know-how.