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“Europe blue” lightening the Sword Pond of Tiger Hill

Date:2018-05-11 16:59:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily



  2018 is China-EU Tourism Year (CETY). The Sword Pond of Tiger Hill, Suzhou was lightened up in “Europe blue” on the night of May 9, which was part of the Light Bridge events in China to celebrate the CETY 2018.

  Co-sponsored by the World Tourism Alliance and the China Tourist Attractions Association, the “China red” and “Europe blue” Light Bridge events are important celebrations for the 2018 China-EU Tourism Year. In early March, over 60 landmarks and scenic spots in 18 EU member states were illuminated in “China red”, which drew a lot of attention. And “Europe blue” also lightened up or will lighten up 33 sites in Bejing, Shanghai, Suzhou and other 15 cities in China around May 9 (Europe Day).

  The Tiger Hill scenic spot made good preparations for the Light Bridge event, and the Sword Pond lit up in blue around 7 o’clock last night. The blue lights skillfully placed in the green woods set off the red of the four Chinese characters Hu Qiu Jian Chi (“Sword Pond of Tiger Hill”), which created an impressive scene with a unique charm.