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Zero-carbon wedding held in classical garden

Date:2018-05-10 09:22:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily



The third zero-carbon wedding ceremony with the theme of “Happily getting married in Zhuozheng Garden and handing down family values,” was held before the Hanqing Pavilion in the Zhuozheng Garden (or the Humble Administrator’s Garden) on the morning of May 8. Two couples attended this environment-friendly group wedding, doing their bit to help protect our environment and carrying forward the fine custom of “attaching importance to propriety, thrift and affection”.

  The two couples were selected from the newly-weds who had applied online for this activity. One couple was from Beijing, China and the other from Russia; both couples were advocates for low-carbon environmental protection.

  On this traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, the brides and grooms wearing Chinese-style wedding gowns performed the traditional rites including the three kowtows (to Heaven and Earth, to their parents and to each other). The simple but solemn wedding helped the guests and tourists from all over the world have a better understanding of the marriage culture in China’s Jiangnan region (the area south of the Yangtze River).

  After the ceremony, each couple donated RMB 1,111 (symbolizing Yi Xin Yi Yi & Yi Sheng Yi Shi, or “wholehearted love for life”) to the growth of carbon sequestration forest in Baise, Guangxi province to offset carbon emissions of 5.6 tons during the wedding and thus achieve the goal of holding a zero-carbon wedding ceremony.

  Du Yongsheng, the director general of the China Green Carbon Foundation expressed appreciation to the two couples for their donation to the carbon sink project. And he praised them for their ecological protection awareness and low-carbon actions, saying that they set a good example of vigorously advancing ecological environment construction.