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Lovebirds tie the knot in classical garden

Date:2018-05-09 09:11:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily


  A western-style wedding was held in the Ouyuan Garden (the Garden of Couple’s Retreat) where the bride and groom exchanged wedding vows witnessed by relatives and friends.

  The couple expressed their love for each other and the joy of spending their life together. The groom put a necklace around the neck of the bride as a token of his love. Then the bride tossed her flower bouquet to her single friends who believed that the recipient would meet the fate of marriage in the near future. After the ceremony, the newly-weds invited their relatives and friends to take a group photo in the beautiful Ouyuan Garden.

  The groom Zhang Yi and his bride Guo Wen both are natives of Suzhou and have studied abroad. Zhang chose to work and live in Germany while Guo came back to Suzhou after her study in Britain. The two who lived far apart began a long-distance relationship in February, 2015. With the help of phones and the Internet, they made the geographical distance between them reduced to zero. Zhang Yi said that it was meaningfully special to hold a simple but solemn ceremony in the love-themed Ouyuan Garden.

  The Ouyuan Garden used to be the residence of Shen Bingcheng and his wife Yan Yonghua who lived a happy life together. Its management office is exploring an innovative development pattern integrating wedding services, the development of cultural creative products, tourism and environmental protection, hoping not only to build the garden into an ideal base for holding traditional Jiangnan-style weddings but also to let tourists have a good understanding of Wu culture and appreciate the unique charm of this love-themed garden.

  As a key event of this year’s “Chasing your dream in Ouyuan Garden” activities, the management office will hold Suzhou-style weddings free of charge for three newly-wed couples during the National Day holiday. Those who want to try their luck can register via the garden’s WeChat account or official micro blog from today on to the National Day.