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All efforts to push on environmental improvement actions

Date:2018-05-03 09:06:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily


  SIP's "263" environmental improvement actions launched in early 2017 have generated remarkable outcomes so far, with a long list of environmental problems exposed and rectified.

  Specifically, SIP's "263" actions consist of two initiatives for reduction of coal consumption and outdated chemical production, six for pollution control and three for enhancement of ecological protection and law enforcement.

  Many enterprises and communities have joined the actions to reduce coal use, conserve resources, disseminate low-carbon concepts and carry out various environment improvement campaigns. Concurrently, related local authorities are sparing no efforts to fulfill their duties and improve their services.

  This year, SIP has planned another 17 actions to improve the local water, air and soil conditions, enhance infrastructure construction and prevent environmental risks.