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Helping blind people “see” the beautiful Suzhou

Date:2018-04-26 10:09:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily


  Going out playing is not easy for the blind. Twenty blind people, together with 5 volunteers, took a trip along the micro travel route from the Taibo Temple to the North Wharf to feel and “see” the beauty of Suzhou.

  With a very long history, the ancient city of Suzhou is famous for her numerous canals and alleys. With the help of Ma Jiping and other volunteers, the blind people toured Suzhou on foot. In the Taibo Temple, they touched the inscriptions on the ancient stone tablets; in the Five Peak Garden, they listened attentively to the volunteers’ description of the exquisite rockeries and pools; on the Xiatang Street, they touched the ancient buildings and learnt the history of the alleys; in an old famous drugstore, they smelt the Chinese herbal medicines.

  Wang Ye, deputy director of the general-loan section in Suzhou Library told reporters that this kind of micro travel offers blind people a chance to tour Suzhou on foot and feel the charm of Wu culture and Suzhou-style life.