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All-around endeavor to better serve overseas returnees

Date:2018-04-13 14:27:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Industrial Park


   SIP Moon Bay Community Working Committee has been making all-around efforts to improve its services for overseas returnees.

  On the one hand, the committee organizes diversified events such as cultural events and experience activities which enable the overseas returnees to enhance their interaction with the locals and quickly adapt to the local environment. 

  On the other hand, it uses smart platforms such as WeChat to provide efficient public services for the overseas returnees to live a happier life in the area.

  The committee also collects feedbacks from the returnees on a regular basis to learn about and meet their needs.


  Apart from that, the committee has been encouraging them to do their bit in propelling the local development, such as offering advice and suggestions for community governance, setting up public-benefit organizations based on their expertise and helping attract more overseas returnees by introducing domestic conditions and policies to overseas Chinese.