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Serial events to enhance residents' knowledge on history

Date:2018-04-08 12:20:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Industrial Park


  Communities at Hudong sub-district recently carried out a series of events to help the residents better understand Chinese history.

  In the event in Baitang Community on Mar 17, four students from SIP Dongshahu School visited a local senior couple, Sun and his wife Ding, who served in the wars from 1930s to 1950s. The students listened to their stories and viewed some old photos and a painting drawn by the Suns, which helped them gain a better knowledge of the modern history.


  In the event in Shuimo Community on Mar 27, 36 CPC members watched the recent blockbuster documentary film Amazing China, which portrays the country's development and achievements in recent years.

  In Haiyue Community, senior CPC member Ju Ming and her husband presented a set of books on two airlines' uprising during the Chinese People's War of Liberation in late 1940s to the community staff, hoping the books will help more people know better about the historical event.

  Shidai Shangchengnan Community launched an online campaign on Mar 29 to commemorate revolutionary martyrs, calling on the residents to present virtual flowers and leave messages on line instead of burning paper sacrifices or offering real sacrifices like food and wine, which often cause fires and waste of resources.