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Happy 10k Suzhou leg concludes

Date:2018-04-08 12:20:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Industrial Park


  The Suzhou leg of 2018 Happy 10k Road Race took place in SIP on Apr 1. More than 2,000 running enthusiasts from Suzhou and several neighboring cities participated.


  Sponsored by Chinese Athletics Association (CAA) and sports marketing company Infront Sports & Media, Happy 10k is the country's only CAA-certified A-class 10-km road race. The Suzhou rivalry is held annually since its initiation in 2015, when its track between Moon Bay Square and Dushu Lake Library was declared the city's first road race base.

  This year's event boasted more thoughtful services to leave the racers with unforgettable experiences, including the use of disposable chip devices for accurate timekeeping, the water supply stations, the music play to help boost the racers' morale and the privileges for racers according to their historical competition results.

  After fierce competition, Zhang Yusong won the men's title at a speed of 36'07'', and Ma Jingjing won the women's title at 45'51''. Additionally, 580 racers who crossed the finish line within 18 minutes after the champions emerged received the honor of “"Happy Heroes (Heroines)".