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CSH Asia DNA Learning Center announces plan for this year's events

Date:2018-03-02 09:45:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Industrial Park


  The 3rd Council of Cold Spring Harbor (CSH) Asia DNA Learning Center held its first session at SIP Modern Building on Feb 26, announcing that the center will host about 10 large-scale science popularization events in addition to a variety of regular learning programs throughout the year of 2018.


  The council gave high praise to the center's endeavor last year in disseminating bioscience among the local people and expects to see more higher-quality events this year.


  The plan includes both new events such as "Little Life Scientists" election, STEM Festival and public-benefit programs in collaboration with local organizations and enterprises as well as upgraded regular events like summer camps, weekend classes and parent-child activities.