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SIP's annual plan for cultural and sports events unveiled

Date:2018-02-27 13:53:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily


  SIP unveiled its annual plan for cultural and sports events on Feb 25, hoping to hold at least 8,000 public-benefit events of the kinds throughout the whole year of 2018.

  On the schedule are a number of SIP's brand events such as Suzhou Jinji Lake International Half Marathon, Suzhou Taihu International Marathon, Jinji Lake Dragon Boat Race, iSING! Suzhou International Young Artists Festival and Suzhou Jinji Lake Biennale, as well as a long list of specially designed and theme events to meet the demands of different groups.

  The plan also includes a host of projects for construction and renovation of some cultural and art facilities, covering sports centers, community cultural service centers and open-air fitness dancing stages, trying to offer the residents the best cultural and art experiences.