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Making "Laba Porridge" paintings, inheriting the folk culture

Date:2018-01-11 14:10:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily


  One of the series activities of Laba Festival, a part of Suzhou Folk Culture Festival, "The story of the Laba Rice Porridge, the Painting Competition of Laba Festival of Suzhou Folk Culture Festival " was held in the Liuyuan Kindergarten on Jan.10. It is the second Laba Folk Culture Festival in Gusu District.

  Yang Yan, secretary of Youth Painting and Calligraphy Association of Suzhou Literary Federation, said "these paintings are so great in terms of originality, picture composition and colour application. I hope that the prize winner will continue to make persistent efforts."

  The inheritance of folk culture should be done from the kid. The parents all must have told the children about the origin of the Laba Festival, when they make the paintings together.