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Diverse events to warm the residents' heart this winter

Date:2017-12-27 15:08:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Industrial Park


   Dongshahu sub-district recently saw a variety of events to celebrate the Winter Solstice Festival, which, the 22nd of 24 Chinese Solar Terms, falls on Dec 22 this year, and the New Year's Day, which is observed annually on January 1.


  Lingdong Community organized a dumpling making event, a children fashion show and a Chinese shadow-puppet show to mark the festivals.


  A total of 32 residents in Linglongwan Community made dumplings for the security guards who live far away from their hometowns to work in SIP.


  In Shidai Shangchengnan Community, the volunteers presented vacuum cups to the security guards and cleaners so that they can drink warm water while working outdoors.


  A number of residents in Jiuhua Community made and shared dumplings together on Dec 20. Xinghu Community saw an event of similar kind, where the residents made dumplings and presented them to the local elderlies who live alone.


  Ten art troupes at Xinweilai Community jointly gave a series of performances like dancing, singing, traditional opera and fashion show on Dec 20, attracting many local residents.

  A similar event took place at Zhongnan Community on Dec 22, when the local residents were treated to excellent performances given by a number of local art troupes.

  A number of elderlies and 28 families at Xingchenbei Community made dumplings together on Dec 16. The event enhanced children's knowledge on the festivals and their hands-on ability.