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Diverse classes to guide a high-quality lifestyle

Date:2017-12-04 09:44:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Industrial Park


  Communities at Hudong sub-district have offered a variety of classes in collaboration with local social and professional organizations lately, in a move to guide the residents to pursue a high-quality life.

  In Linrui Community, Qian Qian, a senior rehabilitation physiotherapist, gave a talk on aromatherapies for health care, such as the history of aromatherapies and skills of using various essential oil products. She also demonstrated the method of using essential oil to alleviate pains in the shoulder and neck.

  In Jinghua Community, Dong Yubo, a doctor in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), revealed tips on how to keep healthy with seasonal food to residents of different ages. In addition, he provided free TCM diagnosis and answered the residents' inquiries.

  Binhu Community offered a class on Xinyi Liuhe Boxing, a traditional Chinese martial art and intangible cultural heritage that is good for both self-protection and health maintenance. The teacher taught the participants a set of rudimentary movements.

  In another event on Nov 18, the community organized a reading session, where the teacher expounded on the content and concepts in the literary masterpiece Book of Changes as well as shared his experience and feelings about the book.

  A handwork event took place in Lanxi Community. With the help and instruction of Zhang Zhaozhu, an expert in silverwork making, the participants acquired a better understanding of silver ornaments and made silver ear studs.

  A number of residents in Jinxi Community took part in a flower arrangement class. Xia Yingping, a local resident who is fond of floriculture, imparted knowledge on the history of flower arrangement and fresh flower preservation to the participants as well as helped them practice flower arrangement with materials provided by the community staff.