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Diverse events to enrich residents' life

Date:2017-11-20 10:42:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Industrial Park


  Communities at Dongshahu sub-district recently organized a series of events in an effort to tighten the ties between the residents and enrich their life.

  Jingcheng Community hosted a large outdoor banquet on Nov 13. More than 30 residents participated with home-made dishes, sharing the food and chatting with each other.


  Also in the community, a flea market took place on the South Square recently, offering the residents a chance to exchange their idle articles like clothes and ornaments for things they need. Many children also participated to sell their "products", such as toys, books and school supplies.


  At the Mothers' Fair held in Jiuhua Community on Nov 12, more than 20 stalls were set up to sell second-hand prams, children's picture books and toys among other articles from mothers. The mothers also shared their child rearing experience with new mothers.


  Xinghu Community organized a walking tour along Jinji Lake, calling on a green-carbon life style and offering an opportunity for the residents to know better about each other. The event attracted residents in different age brackets, who walked along the designated route to collect four stamps while chatting, enjoying the sceneries and taking photos.


  In Zhongnan Community, the 1st Children's Karaoke Competition kicked off on Nov 12. Fifteen children at different ages sang folk, pop and children's songs, drawing warm applause from both the audiences and the jurors. Winners of top three places were declared at last.


  Linglongwan Community saw an event to mark the Thanksgiving Day, which, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States, will fall on Nov 23 this year. In the event, the children aged 1 to 3 made greeting cards for their parents with the help of their parents and the volunteers. The participants were also treated to a funny hand puppet show given by the volunteers.