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Educational events to strengthen teenagers' civic awareness

Date:2017-11-13 14:05:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily


  A total of 30 teenagers from nine communities at Shengpu Sub-district began their first class of an educational program on civic awareness on Nov 5. As reported, eight events of this kind are scheduled to take place in the sub-district every Sunday from Nov 5 to Dec 24, in a move to help the teenagers acquire a better understanding of their role in the communities, the country and the society.

  The events, jointly initiated by Shengpu CPC School (Community Education Center) in collaboration with a number of local schools, will include lectures given by school teachers and volunteers as well as social practice in places like communities, enterprises and museums.

  In the first class, the teacher gave a very interesting and informative lecture to the teenagers based on the teaching materials edited by Shengpu CPC School, which aroused their interest in learning more about civic awareness.

  According to the staff, in addition to these events, there will be two or three lectures at Shengpu Experimental Primary School each semester, with related experts expounding on civic awareness to the teenagers.