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A Mid Autumn Lantern Show in Kunshan

Date:2017-09-25 09:46:00Source:Suzhou Daily


       The Kunshan Mid Autumn Lantern Show, with the theme ‘two sides of the Taiwan Straits are one family’, pays tribute to the many Taiwanese enterprises and investments in Kunshan. The show lit up Zhouzhuang Town on September 20 with a theme evening gala and will last until October 8.

  Kunshan is an area that has witnessed the most active Taiwanese investments, houses the highest number of Taiwanese enterprises, and harbors the most robust cultural and commercial exchanges with Taiwan. Since the first Taiwanese-invested enterprise was established in Kunshan in October, 1990, Kunshan has approved 4,758 projects with Taiwanese investments and 2,271 cases of Taiwanese companies increasing their investments, involving a total investment of 57.2 billion USD and registered capital of 29.6 billion USD.

  The lantern show is the biggest ever lantern show in Kunshan. It is divided into four sections: Kunshan Impression, Taiwan Style, Zhouzhuang Stories, and Good Wish for China. Over 120 sets of lanterns were launched for the lantern show.

  Performances, local delicacies and folk craftsmanship from Taiwan and Kunshan are also available in Zhouzhuang during the lantern show period.

  Transportation is well catered for, with seven temporary parking lots arranged by Zhouzhuang authority in case the four regular lots are fully occupied. Zhouzhuang now has parking space for 4,150 vehicles, including space for 200 travel buses.

  There are two types of ticket for the lantern show: the first is the ‘weekday ticket’, costing 50 yuan and applicable from Sundays to Thursdays. The other is the ‘weekend ticket’, costing 80 yuan and applicable on Fridays, Saturdays, and the Golden Week of the National Day holiday period.

  Military personnel in active service (including current military academy students), provincial preferential allowance receivers, journalists, retired officials, the handicapped, seniors over 70 years of age, and children under 1.4 meters can enjoy free entry.