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Diverse events to enrich senior citizens' life

Date:2017-09-22 14:30:00Source:Suzhou Daily

        Loufeng Sub-district recently saw a variety of events designed to enrich senior citizens' life.

  A free class on WeChat operation started at Xujiabang Community on Sept 6. A volunteer taught the senior citizens how to use the popular mobile App to communicate with others and get convenient services.

  The elderly residents in Fengyi Community were treated to a wonderful show given by professional troupes and local amateurs on Sept 8. The event started with a mezzo-soprano solo, followed by a variety of performances, including recitation, dances, songs and traditional Chinese operas.

  The elderly in Tuanjie Community watched two movies at the community's activity center on Sept 14. One is about the youths' fight against bullies and Japanese invaders under the leadership of the CPC, while the other is about a snipers' action to chase an international criminal clique. The audiences were attracted by the stories and moved by the spirit of the protagonists.