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Suzhou students experience cutting-edge technologies

Date:2017-09-21 10:48:00Source:Suzhou Daily

  The 3R Carnival, part of the 2017 Suzhou "National Science Popularization Day" Campaign, took place at CSH Asia DNA Learning Center on Sept 13, attracting about 500 teachers and students from seven local schools.

  3R refers to AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality). The event showcased ten most popular science products from Shanghai Popular Science Products Expo, offering Suzhou citizens a chance to explore the fantastic world of science and technology.

  Ju Yimin, a grade-6 primary school student, shared her experience in VR painting, saying, "With the glasses, I saw a painting of forest. Then I controlled the tools with my hands and chose shapes and colors to finish my painting."

  According to the sponsor, 1,500 teenagers will participate in the VR painting experience activity, and their works will be made into a complete painting scroll and kept permanently.

  The event also encompassed other 10 interactive and experience activities, such as 3D-VR painting, VR lab and robot dance.